What Causes Your Nose to Have a Dent.

I have a dent on my nose that seems to have gotten larger. It is located above my nostril on the side close to the end of my nose.

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Surgical rhinoplasty not necessary (assuming no injury). Consider fillers

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Hi Lausara;

Assuming that you have had an examination by a plastic surgeon and there is no sign of:

  •    Any infection
  •    Tumor
  •    Any other abnormality

Then, it seems to be strictly a cosmetic issue causing the problem.  Sometimes, for reasons unknown, there are changes that evolve in the structure of the nose over time.  I also assume that there has been no injury to cause any possible damage to the cartilage on the tip of the nose. 

If there is no antecedent reason or explanation why you are having this problem and it is unsightly, it may be that your best, simplest, and most economical solution is to have a filler injection.  Fillers are an excellent answer to a nasal depression.

My favorite has long been the permanent filling injection, medical-grade, FDA-approved Silikon 1000.  This product is used off label, of course, but all the research papers of the last 10 years support its high degree of success and safety. 

You may want to consider having a saline or saltwater “demo” before having a series of injections which will lift the depressed area and hopefully make it symmetrical with the other side to look normal. 

The advantage of the saline test is you get to see the final result and then the sterile saltwater dissipates within about two hours. 

Hope this is helpful.

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Facial Plastic Surgeon


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