What Causes the Silikon 1000 to Migrate Down in the Skin?

How often are lumps and migration a problem?

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Micro dropule technique reduces chance of Silikon 1000 migration

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If you use the micro dropule technique, the risk of migration is very slim.  We inject very small dropulets into the deep dermis or subcutaneous fat.  In my practice, I’ve never seen Silkon 1000 migrate and I’ve been using silicone for approximately nine years.

Palm Springs Dermatologic Surgeon
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Silikon 1000 Excellent and Safe Filler

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I have a lot of experience with liquid injectable silicone (LIS, Silikon 1000) as I learned from my mentor and father, the world's leader on injecting silicone, Jay G. Barnett. I can tell you in his forty plus years of injecting it an and my 5 plus years of injecting it, we have never had a problem with migration or lumps.  In the hands of a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon well-trained in injecting LIS with the correct technique (micro-droplet injection technique), LIS is a safe and excellent filler.  

Channing R. Barnett, MD
Boca Raton Dermatologist
4.1 out of 5 stars 8 reviews

Migration of Silikon 1000

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  In this forum, you will get a lot of different opinions about everything, perhaps none more than the subject of Silikon 1000.  Personally, I have not seen this problem, and I have done this procedure on a lot of patients.  Anything can and does happen, but this is true with every filler.  As you can see with the RealSelf ratings, most patients who have Silikon 1000 are well satisfied and rate the procedure "worth it."

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 137 reviews

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