What Causes the Swelling from Smart Lipo?

What CAUSES SWELLING from Smartlipo in the first place? All this talk about the swelling and how long it will last, but no one seems to wonder WHY there is swelling in the first place. Of course, there was trauma to the treated area due to surgery, but I want to know EXACTLY WHY there is swelling afterward; I do not care when it will go away (ok, I care, but it does not matter. That is not my question. Takes time, I know.)

WHY is it there? My analytical mind needs more information other than the typical answer of how long it will last.

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Swelling after Smart Lipo is one of the cardinal signs of inflammation

As you stated, Smart Lipo induces trauma.  Swelling is one of the cardinal signs of inflammation.  The others are pain, heat, redness, and loss of function.  Smart Lipo causes inflammation by inducing trauma.  The process of inflammation is a complex interplay between certain blood cell types, proteins, and blood vessels.  It is a defense and healing mechanism.

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