Other Causes for Silicone Implant Rippling, Aside from Thin Tissue?

Got 450cc high profile silicone, smooth round, sub pectoral 7 weeks ago. Am 5ft 4in, 125lbs, preop small 34B, no upper pole. Right breast started with slightly more tissue. I noticed rippling in the cleavage of the right breast 3 weeks post op. The ripples are very palpable, and are visible with no bra on when I move (not bending at waist), and extend from implant edge to areola. This implant is more mobile in pocket than other side. Are there other causes for rippling, like too big pocket?

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Rippling and Silicone Gel Implants

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It is reallty difficult to explain why you are experiencing rippling after a breast augmentation placed under the muscle. I would need a formal physical exam and a review of your operative report might be helpful.   Generally speaking, reasons could be: thin breast tissue/skin, over dissected pocket or an implant too small for the pocket, implant placement above the muscle or window shading of your muscle.  Depending on what is exactly going on you may have some options for treatment. 

Rippling may be an indication of "window-shading"

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In some cases an implant that was placed under the pectoralis muscle will be more visible due to the pectoralis muscle pulling up and over the implant itself.  This basically causes the implant to be just under the breast tissue, and the pectoralis to be in the upper portion of the breast only.

In this case he best solution short of re-attaching the pectoralis is thickening the breast tissue over the area with fat transfer.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Silicone rippling?

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Thank you for this question, but it may be difficult to answer without seeing you in person or at least some good photos.  What you are describing does not sound like rippling of the implant.  It's rare to ever see submuscular silicone implants ripple near the cleavage area. If the implant is getting "rippled"  when you move your arm, it indicates that the pectoral muscle is causing the indentation.  If the pocket is way too big, then some patients get rippling due to traction on the implant. 

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