What caused increased upper lip length and swimming/floating feeling between upper lip and Columella?

I had rhinoplasty done half a year ago (open appoach, dorsal hump resection, full osteomies, dome division, diverse trimming of the lateral and medial cartilages, columella strut) and I am very unhappy with the results. The nose appears short/blunt and in addition to that my smile has not returned, the philtrum seems to bee longer than before, the upper lip seems to be stiff and when I bend the head I have a floating feeling inside the philtrum. It feels like the suspension of the musculature isnĀ“t fixed.

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Increased Upper Lip Length After Rhinoplasty

Dear purple_mint~

Thank you for your question. Sometimes if the tip has been rotated upwards, the upper lip can appear longer after surgery. If you have had grafts placed in the tip area or are still swollen, the upper lip can also feel stiff after surgery, particularly when you smile. It would be helpful to see some photographs to give you a more specific answer.  I'm not sure what you mean by a floating feeling, but an exam would be beneficial. Please follow-up with your rhinoplasty surgeon, who knows best what was done and can help you with your concerns.

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