Have I Caused Damage by Lifting Too Much Weight?

I am 11 days post-op, submuscular, and fear I have been lifting too much weight. I was told no more then the weight of a gallon of milk. The problem: Prior to surgery I was extremely active and ran 6+ miles a day, uphill/mountain pushing 50 lbs of baby & stroller, as well as doing many pull ups on my pull up bar every other day. To me, lifting a gallon of milk is like picking up a pencil. It's very lightweight to me. So I have trouble gauging how much I am lifting. Could I have caused problems?

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Can lifting cause damage to my surgery

Normal activities will most likely have not long term effects on your breasts.  Just be careful and avoid activities that make the breasts bounce up and down.  Moderation of activities is the key after breast surgery.  It is the repetitive bouncing up and down that you want to avoid.  Also it helps to wear a well fitting bra.

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Lifting After BA

Unless you are experiencing any pain, it is highly doubtful that you have negatively altered your results. Post op instructions are different for every case, but it is best to take your doctor's orders and slow down a little bit until your healing is done.

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If you're not feeling any pain or discomfort I doubt that you have changed your results. You need to be careful that you do not lift more than 5 pounds. so they're saying that a gallon of milk is too much keep that in mind when you're picking up anything.

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Have I Caused Damage by Lifting Too Much

It would be most unusual for you to have caused any problems if you  are not aware of any at this point. It is more than likely that you would tolerate lifting a gallon of mile more readily than other lifting a quart. Your best resource for questions like this would be your own surgeon, who knows what was done and who knows you!

Thanks for your question, and best wishes. (And don't take this reassurance as a licence to do more than you should).

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Damage by lifting too much weight

It is very unlikely that you have damaged anything. You are probably very sore and recovering from surgery.

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Can my breast augmentation result be altered by lifting to much weight?

Breast augmentation behind the muscle always is more lifestyle altering in the beginning than anyone expects.  The goal you and your surgeon have is for everything to heal into position properly so that you have the best possible result.  Things are usually swollen the first 1 to 2 weeks.  The muscle during that time can be swollen and cramp up at times.  This is not muscle soreness like workout soreness that can be or should be pushed through.  This is from your surgery and needs some time to heal.  I just limit the amount of upper body excercise in the beinning.  So no benchpressing or other upper body exercises that would not cause your petoralis muscle to tighten up.  I don't mind my patients using the treadmill or exercise bikes provided they use good sports bras.

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