Recovery regressing in week 5 - Twinges, pains, swelling (photos)

I was healing and progressing well. Then, at week 5 I was slowly regressing!! I do recall sneezing hard a few times and don't know if I pulled something. I don't know if I overworked myself or pulled something in my sleep. In week 5, I felt a lot of twinges and pains, but thought it was just nerves waking. I walked on the treadmill and actually felt better, but now the swelling is here and won't leave, in fact it is getting worse! I AM WORRIED AND CONCERNED!! Please help! I THINK I CAUSED SOME DAMAGE!!

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Pains and swelling after exercise

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Thank you for your pictures. I can't really tell what maybe because her your discomfort. I would advise you to see your plastic surgeon for an examination to determine the nature of your concerns.

Recovery regressing in week 5 - Twinges, pains, swelling

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Seriously LOOK at the comparison of the before and 6 weeks after photos --- GREAT RESULT! Best to see your surgeon IN PERSON top discuss... 

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