What Has Caused This Curtain Effect Under my Eyes? I Am Only 46. (photo)

I did have a wasting illness 10 years ago that caused me to have a 17 or 18 bmi. I am a normal body weight now, however. Maybe that illness is what did it because nobody in my family has this before age 60. How much could I realistically expect to benefit from laser in this area?

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Curtain effect under eyes

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A picture of your entire eye area or an exam would be helpful to determine the best treatment for you.  Although a laser can help to tighten skin under the eyes, sometimes surgery can give more improvement.  From your picture, I would say that the surgical option is probably going to give you more improvement than a laser procedure.  

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Eye bag treatment with lasers

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From the looks of your picture, it does not appear that a laser or other skin treatment alone will correct the bags under your eyes.  While you didn't post a picture of the entire central section of your face (your midface), it sppears that you not only have fat pockets of the lower lids, but a depression on the inside of your eyes, as well (the tear trough).  This can be corrected in a single surgery via a lower eye and cheek lift.  

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Lower Eyelid Laxity

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Looks like you have extra skin.  A lower lid blepharoplasty is the answer.  This will correct the problem,   Forget laser for this degree of excess skin.    Lower eyelid surgery is very common in patients in their 40s.   Everyone ages in their own way and that is what you are experiencing.   My Best,  Dr C

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Curtain Effect Under The Eyes

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Based on your picture, your lower eyelid has excess skin associated with wrinkles, excess fat and sunken lid/cheek junction. In my opinion, the best treatment option would be the lower eyelid surgery and fat redistribution. Either chemical peel or laser can be added to further improve the wrinkles.

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