What Would Cause Only 1 Tooth to Stain While All Others Look Fine?

I have 1 front tooth that is suddenly staining at record pace yet the rest of my teeth appear fine. What would cause 1 tooth to stain so quickly while the others all look fine? Bleaching has caused some improvement but not nearly the effect it has on the other teeth. I visited my dentist and he had no answer for me. HELP!!

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Why only 1 tooth stains

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in order to answer this question, I would need more info: pictures, x-rays, and type of fillings/restorations in your teeth.

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One Stained Tooth

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The tooth is not staining.  You probably had truama to that tooth at some point in your life or to the baby tooth before it and the bud for the adult tooth was damaged in some way. The nerve of the tooth is dying or is dead. You should have it checked out by a dentist or endodontist (root canal specialist) and treat it before it becomes a problem for you.

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