What Causes Me to Swell After 25 Days Hair Line Lowering Procedure?

i had hair line lowering procedure 25 days ago, and the swelling after surgery gone after five days, but now after 20 days i anm swelling like i was swelling for first time. please answer my question why am i still swelling? my Doctor couldnt answer my question at all. am i in big trouble? thank you

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This warrants an assessment by your surgeon.

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One possibility is that you have returned to full activities after a substantial forehead/scalp surgery.  The activity might be stirring things up.  To be safe, get yourself seen by your surgeon to make sure that noting more serious is going on.

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Late swelling after a hairline lowering procedure

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Your problem is one I have have not encountered after hundreds of hese procedures .. It could be from an infection or reaction to buried sutiures or a fixation device .I take it  all else is doing well. Perhaps it is just due to your sleeping position or overly excercising.. If it is persisting, , continue to see your doctor.  You should ask your surgeon to get another opinion for himself if this does not resolve.

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