What Would Cause Sustained Low Grade Temp and Infection 5 Weeks Post TT?

a tt with muscle repair in jan 2012. Two weeks later had uti. Treated with cipro for 10 days. Five days later belly button draining serous fluid. belly button also had a black stich exposed we cut to the skin. Two days later temp 37.4-37.8. cephlex for 5 days. continued to have temp. 1 day after antibiotic was finished i developed chills and umbilical pain. I went to er and was started on clindamycin. I feel somewhat better now but continue with temp constantly and serous drainage. Any suggestions

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Low grade temperature 5 weeks post op

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 You may have a small suture knot infection causing your fever.  Especially if you have an open wound or a red appearing area along your incision line. All open wound are infection. You should follow your surgeon's advice for wound care and management.

Fever after tummy tuck

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Sounds like you may have a seroma that could be infected.  You should have your surgeon evaluate you to see if any drainage is needed.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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