What Could Cause Sharp Pain in IMF After BMX & Reconstruction with Implants?

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Pain along IMF after implant reconstruction

Often when tissue expanders are placed, the lower aspect is covered with Alloderm or other material. This is sutured in placed along the inframammary fold along the bottom, and to the lower border of the pec muscle at the top. It is possible that the implants are putting stretch on this suture line causing the pain, and I would expect this to get better with time. However, I cannot say this is the cause for your pain since I don't know the technique used by your surgeon. I would discuss your concerns with the surgeon who did your procedure, since he/she knows exactly what was done and the most likely reason for your pain.

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What Could Cause Sharp Pain in IMF After BMX & Reconstruction with Implants?

Hi mrm61,

Many things can and would be difficult to say without further details of the operation. It can be related to technical aspects of the mastectomy or the reconstruction.Your surgeon is the best person to answer your question.

If you had acellular dermis such as Alloderm placed in, the biomaterial is sutured in place at the level of the of the IMF. Often the sutures takes bite within the rib and can certainly contribute to the sharp pains post operatively. Thankfully it usually settles down with time.


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