Cause, Prevention & Remedies for Deep Crease Between the Eyes on Nose?

20yrs old male No prblm with my nose. It's my nose bridge sank backward on my face(deep crease between the eyes, not wrinkle), 2gether /w my cheek, in other words they are not labeled with my forehead(I think,commonly we're not born that way). Also my forehed was also a little bit deepen. I really dont know How&Where I get this that make me look ugly Qstions: What the cuz of dis?Sun exposure,tired eyes,wearing eyeglasses & others? Prevntion?So it Won'tGetWorse. AnyRemedies?That can Help&Recover.

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Nasal bridge

As we get older we begin to take on the facial characteristics of our ancestors. Some times the nasal bridge can slowly flatten or the bar of the forehead can become  more prominent. Often it is some degree of both. Augmentation can be placed along the nasal bridge either surgically or through injections. More natural results that stand the test of time are achieved surgically. Materials can either come from your body (cartilage, fascia) or a medical grade implant (gortex).
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