Cause of my Eye Asymmetry? (photo)

Hi, I know no one has a perfectly symmetrical face but lately I have noticed my eyes are asymmetric. It has made me very self conscious lately especially in situations where my photo is taken. From my pictures can you determine what the cause of this asymmetry is? When referring to my eye(s) could you please make it clear which eye you are referring to. (IE: left eye as it appears in the photo is actually MY right eye) Please make this distinction, so I am able to understand which eye..

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Cause of my Eye Asymmetry?

We all have asymmetry of the left vs the right sides. You are no different! The genetic/anatomic variations are acceptable and thinking of a surgery to change this is very risky. 

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Eyelid Surgery and Asymmetry

It's a bit difficult to tell from the photos but if I zoom way in on them what I do see is that you may have a very mild ptosis or drooping of your left upper eyelid. This would be consistent with the observation that the distance from the upper to lower lid is slightly less on your left eye compared to the right, and that you have a slightly longer upper eyelid "fold" on your left eye as well.  If you see a board certified occuloplastic surgeon in your area they should be able to discuss the options for treating this. Relatively straight-forward procedure in experienced hands. Good luck!

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