What could cause lumpiness (wave-like appearance) around the lower cheeks and chin area?

I am 59 years old. I 've had 3 facelifts. The last one done in 2006. Recently, I 've developed a lumpiness (wavelike) appearance that surrounds my chin and lower cheek areas. (I cannot get the lumpiness to show up in a photo to share.) Currently, a cosmetic dermatologist is injecting Botox and filler into my chin and lower cheek areas to make them look better, but the lumpiness is still visible. Besides filler and Botox, is there any kind of surgery I can have done to smooth out these areas?

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Lumpiness after 3 face lift

  1. One cannot answer your question without an examination.

2. Wavy skin after a series of face lifts can be from irregularities in the skin, in the fat from liposuction or platysma muscle pull lines.

3. If the dermatologist cannot explain the problem, see a plastic surgeon who can.

4. Treatment choice, including surgery, depends on the cause.

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