Onset facial asymmetry. What could cause this to happen? (photos)

1 full year, 8 different specialists, 2 antibiotics, liquid diet, muscle relaxers, X-rays, CT scan, 2 MRIs, 2 weeks of ibprophen, and massaging later, I'm STILL a medical mystery. I have onset facial asymmetry that was first noticed about 2 years ago and has gradually gotten worse... I have gotten: MRI of cheek- normal MRI of brain- normal CT- normal Xrays- normal All of a sudden my face started growing and nearly 2 years later it hasn't stopped. Every doctor has looked at me stunned.

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Facial Asymmetry

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This is a tough one especially with limited photos and limited history.  There are many causes of facial asymmetry but it does break down to soft tissue versus underlying bony support.  First and most obvious is to rule out some type of tumor.  Given that you have seen many specialists and had imaging one can assume that has been evaluated and eliminated.  From there the list of possibilities include trauma, soft tissue swelling, localized infection (even osteomyelitis), genetic predisposition and collapse of sinuses.  This is a complex case that will require continued evaluation and imaging.  Best done by your local specialists.  Do consider 3D imaging at some point to capture the volume and the change over time.

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