What Could Cause This? How Do I Fix It?

I believe from reading on this that it is broken capillaries. It is all on my upper chest for years now, and has recently began to show on my face and neck.

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Several options.

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Small capillaries or spider veins can be treated with a topical  laser, fine needle radio frequency or sclerotherapy if the area is large enough to accommodate the needle.  Larger spiders or blue/green veins can be treated by sclerotherapy.  Often times more than one treatment is required.

Naples General Surgeon

Pulse Dye Laser for Telangiectasias

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I don't see a picture that you have posted but telangiectasias can be treated very well with a pulse dye laser - larger reticular veins can be treated on the chest with sclerotherapy. Phlebologists and dermatologists take care of these roblems.

Broken capillaries

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The two best ways to treat broken capillaries are with a device called an intense pulsed light source (IPL) or with a laser called the pulsed dye laser. Several treatments are necessary and it should not be done while you are tan.Many dermatologists have either one of these devices.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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