What Would Cause a Blister on my Skin Right from Surgery?

I had double mastectomies over 20yrs ago and reconstruction. Per cancer cells. My implants ruptured. I went in surgery to have old out and new mem put in. I came out with a huge blister on my one breast. Which did not heal after a month. I lost my breast due to that. I don't understand what could have caused the blister? Can anyone tell me?

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Blister post reconstruction

Without having seen it it is hard to decide.It could be due to decreased circulation to that area of the flap or perhaps a bovie burn.

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What Would Cause a Blister on my Skin Right from Surgery?

I do many breast reconstructions and revision breast reconstructions. I have had patients with complications. As long as a surgeon operates he or she will have complications, its just the nature of our specialty. I am never upset to discuss with my patients why I feel something might have gone wrong. It is so hard for me or any other surgeon on this website to even speculate about what might have happened in your case. Many mastectomy and breast reconstruction patients have such thin skin after these operations and can be prone to areas opening up or having issues with blood supply to the skin. This is particularly true in radiated patients. I did not see that you mentioned if you had radiation or not. Fortunately we can almost always complete reconstruction in these situations even if it means starting over.

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Breast Reconstruction

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. He/ She will be better able to explain to you what is the cause

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Breast reconstruction, ruptured implants, replacement of implants

it is unclear to me why you developed a blister.  With so little information and pictures I have a difficult time offering you any explanation.

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