What Would Cause Active FX for Fine Lines to Be Ineffective?

Yesterday, I had ACTIVE FX on my face and neck. Today my eyes are slightly swollen and my face not really that red. However, my neck is very red. I am 50 years old. I wanted the FX to smooth fine lines around the eyes and lips.

Is it possible the Dr. was not aggressive enough or is it that I just tolerated the procedure well? Day 2.. no brown spots or peeling?

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The more aggressive the fractional CO2 laser the better the result but also greater the risk

Even though it's too early to tell, it's likely that your laser surgeon was too conservative. You need certain amount of swelling for collagen stimulation to take place. On the other hand, sometimes it's better off having two separate relatively more conservative laser resurfacing 3-6 months apart rather than one aggressive treatment to minimize risks of pigmentation. Ideally, your laser surgeon should have performed 50 cases of your skin type.

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Too early to tell Active FX results

You are just a few days into a six month long process. Your fine lines will fade more as the swelling goes away and new collagen fills in the lines. If your laser surgeon used only the Active FX component you won't see as much change. If he/she added the Deep FX component for a Total FX treatment, your lines will be optimized in time. The Deep FX component punches small holes and sends heat deep into the dermis where your collagen lies. When collagen is heated, it slowly plumps up refilling skin that deflated with time to cause the fine wrinkles.

Slow down and take it easy. Changes will come, but not "overnight!" If after six months, you don't see what you wanted to see, discuss this with your laser surgeon as a touch up may be necessary.

Good luck.

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