I Have Cauliflower Ear Post Op Rhino( 9 days ago). Will my Ear Heal?

I had Rhino 9 days ago and they needed cartilage from my ear. The removed it from my boul of the right ear and now I am in a lot of pain, my ear hurts more than the Rhino. The ear has not recovered and I am suffering from cauliflower ear, I am totally freaking out. My ears were perfect, I am 37yrs female and my ear looks deformed will I recover ?? The doctor injected it will steroids and drained the blood (very painful) will my ear go back to normal?? I have a packing in my ear to hold the form.

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Ear swelling after cartilage graft for rhinoplasty

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Ear swelling after taking a cartilage graft for rhinoplasty is not to be ignored!  I am glad that you were evaluated quickly by your doctor and that the hematoma was drained.   An ear hematoma, if left untreated, can lead to cauliflower ear (scarring and fibrous tissue of the ear).  I the blood has all drained out and the packing is in place, you should expect normal recovery of your ear's appearance.  Stay in touch with your surgeon to be sure the hematoma does not reaccumulate.  

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Ear cartillage

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Ears are very sensitive and hurt a lot.

Having a hematoma needs to be drained and the ear dressed over with  a tie over dressing ( derssing is sutured to the ear).

The picture posted does not show Cauliflower ear but it is out of focus.

Follow up with your surgeon daily

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Ear swelling

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stay in close contact with your doctor. Prompt early treatment is the best. Your surgeon should know the best course of treatment for your ear. You are only 9 days out from surgery. Frequent visits until you are healed is the best approach.

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Recovery after surgery

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Please keep in close contact with your surgeon during this recovery process. See him as often as needed until you are fully recovered.

I Have Cauliflower Ear Post Op Rhino( 9 days ago). Will my Ear Heal?

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Just saw your question, get to your surgeon ASAP for needle drainage of the hematoma in your donor ear. 

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