Can I Have my Eyebrow Rasied by Botox? (photo)

I am a caucasian male, age 47 with fair skin. I would like to have the eyebrow raised by Botox, (see photo) is this possible, ?, where would the injection be, would it give me a surprised look (I don't want that outcome). How many units ?. And how much of a lift could I realistically achieve ?

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Microdroplet BOTOX

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This method results in the most profound eyebrow lift.  No you will not have the surprised look.  If you can't make it to Los Angeles for this treatment, ask your injector to study my website and perhaps they can perform the method for you.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Chemical (Botox) Brow Lift

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Like all facial structures, the brows are shaped and moved by opposing sets of muscles. The shape and position of the sagging brow can be altered by preferentially weakening the muscles which pull the brow down. By weakening the brow depressors with Botox (or Xeomin), the brow lifting muscle (Frontalis) has an easier time elevating the brow.


Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Botox can raise an eyebrow

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This same question and photo have been posed and the response was that botox can help lift by relaxing the depressor muscles. Ultherapy can help lift by tightening the connective tissue layer and Restylane can help fill the saggy infrastructure of the eyebrow which will help lift the sagging upper eyelid skin.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox Units for Brow Lift

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Although a photo of you looking straight into the camera is better for evaluation, based on my experience as an Oculofacial cosmetic surgeon in New York performing Botox for brow lifting, looking at this photo, I would recommend getting some lift on the inner parts of your brows using Botox (or even Dysport). The number of Botox units needs to be customized by a professional, and approximately 50-75 Botox units may be right (35 Botox units for the frown line area and 20-20 Botox units for the outer areas of the brows). Typically, the eyebrow lift can be 2-5 millimeters which may not seem like a lot but it can make a real difference for your facial expression.

Botox for brow lifting effect

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Botox can be used to elevate the brow. It does have to be repeated at regular intervals but is an excellent treatment in terms of elevating the brow without that "surprised" expression. The injections can be placed in the glabella and above the lateral eyebrow. The amount necessary needs to be determined in consultation during which the laxity of the skin can be evaluated.

Fort Lauderdale Liquid Lift

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Botox is a fantastic noninvasive method of getting a few millimeters of elevation of the lateral brow.  While this doesn't sound like a great deal, esthetically the difference is notable.  Combined with Ultherapy the results have been quite remarkable.


Will Richardson, MD
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon

Botox to raise the eyebrow

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I agree that botox can be used to raise the eyebrow.  In general the botox should be placed in the forehead above a line drawn across the middle of the forehead.  I dont usually inject it lateral to the iris (colored part of the eye). By doing this you knock out the function of the eyebrow elevator, which causes wrinkles to the forehead, but preserve enough function laterally to still raise the lateral eyebrow.  Some inject into the brow to decrease function of the obicularis muscle of the eye (the muscle that allows you to shut your eyes and pulls your eyebrows down). This is a little bit more risky, but in good hands likely works well to help raise the lateral brow even further.

Raising eyebrows with Botox

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Botox can change the shape of the brow. However, the number of units that would be used and the amount of lift you can expect can only be evaluated at the time of your treatment.

Botox Brow Lift - what can one expect?

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A Botox or Dysport brow lift is one of the most popular and rewarding injection treatments for both men and women alike. 

An experienced injector will be able to offer expectations with regards to dosing and predicted improvement.  In some situations, a patient may be a better candidate for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).  However, for those that are not interested in surgical options, or are not in need of surgical intervention, using Botox or Dysport is an excellent alternative.

Most patients will observe improvement in millimeters.  One way to gauge improvement is where the upper lash line (lid) sits in relation to the iris of the eye. 

Your concern about having an unnatural eyebrow shape or expression should not be a concern for this type of treatment area and with a skilled injector.  Generally, a "surprised" look with over-active, arched eyebrows is a result of how the forehead was dosed - not a brow lift technique.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can I Have my Eyebrow Rasied by Botox?

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Botox injected into the tail, of the eyebrow can raise the eyebrow a mm or so.  Injecting the rest of the eyebrow may give the surprised look but is more likely to actually do the opposite and drop the brow.  Your eyebrows are not that low IMHO and while they could be thinned, lifting them significantly, IMHO would feminize the eyes.

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