I had liposuction six months ago on my back and now have very bad back aches. My back looks great, no swelling or redness.

I never had back aches before. When I stand for a hour or so It is across the middle of my back about where my bra strap is. Could this have something to do with my liposuction or is my back just upset it has no fat to pad it? My back healed perfectly .

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Post Liposuction Pain/ Swelling -- Seek an Expert -- Start Venus Legacy/Exilis Ultra, Vanquish, Massage, Cellutone/Z Wave

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This needs massage and RF treatments. Please see an expert.  Back rolling or the "fascia blaster" treatment helps as well.  Dr. Emer.

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Pain after liposuction, backache

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Thanks for the query. It is unusual to have pain after six months of surgery- liposuction. However a clinical examination will help to rule out any local factors at the site of liposuction that may be the cause of pain. You  should also have your physician rule out other causes .. muscular, spine problems ... etc that could also cause pain. If all appears clear then a therapist could be of help.

best wishes

Dr Alexander+

Alexander George, MCh
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Back pain after liposuction, whats the cause?

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Hi Debbafu,Thanks for your question and photos. It is unlikely that the pain is from the liposuction. sometimes the skin can become hypersensitive after any surgery and scar massage helps improve the nerve sensations. I would seek a consult from a physical therapist or occupational therapist that help with ROM and scar massage exercises. This should resolve the issue. Good luck!   All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS #liposuction #backpain Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Back pain after liposuction

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My best guess is that you're back pain is not related to your liposuction. Sometimes people tend to not have the same motions after surgery and get some stiffness. Regardless the back weather related to your plastic surgery or not is a non-surgical issue. Your best bet is to contact your primary care doctor and get recommendations for exercise and stretching activities. This of course not a bad idea to let your plastic surgeon know what's going on as well. Back pain it's one of the most common conditions causing short-term and long-term disability. Most people have back pain at some point in their life myself included. Most of the time back pain improves with time unless people have chronic problems with it. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Back Pain after Liposuction of the Back

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Liposuction improves contour, and it is unlikely 6 months after surgery to have a new onset back pain from the liposuction procedure.  Often, liposuction-related healing requires a few months, but most patients have resolution of discomfort rapidly.   I would see your surgeon to evaluate if the skin is tender or there is any residual swelling.  It is likely that your discomfort is coming from deeper, namely, the back muscles or a spinal cause.  Your doctor will help you know the likely cause.  Feel better, and best wishes!

Liposuction 6 mos ago, now with back ache

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I would estimate that you did something different with how you held your back or how you slept at night during your post-op period. Or it could be that your back muscles weakened while you were post-op. I think some stretches and exercises to strenthen your back muscles would help. Yoga is good for this.

Karen Quigley, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction - now have mid-back aching

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Thank you for asking about your liposuction.
  • You need to be examined to figure this out.
  • It is possible that with the fat gone, your bra strap is creating pressure on your back.
  • Or you may still be swollen - with fluid collecting in the area and making the bra strap too tight.
  • I suggest you see your surgeon for help in diagnosing this problem. 
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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