Only 15 Pain Pills, Normal? BA

I got a BA 5 days ago. Went from a deflated A or B to a D. 600cc each, smooth, round, high profile. I'm 5'5, 98lbs. I'm in a lot of pain, sometimes unbearable. My surgeon only gave me 15 pain pills and refused to give me more. Tylenol, Motrin, ibuprofen.... They're not helping. I can't sleep from the pain. I'm a little upset that my comfort and pain seems so unimportant to my surgeon. Is it normal to give out such a small amount if pain medication and then refuse to give the patient more?

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Only 15 Pain Pills, Normal? BA

Every patient has her own unique recovery. Some have little discomfort, some, like you, more. I usually prescribe more pain pills that you were given, and on occasion a refill is needed, and the patients get treated on an individual basis. I can understand that you are upset at the situation. 

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Pain control after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation postop pain can range from uncomfortable to significantly painful. As a general rule, I provide my patients with a prescription for narcotics with instructions to call if a refill is required. Some patients take a couple of oral narcotics and quickly transition to NSAID's (Motrin, Alleve, etc) after a few days. Some take all of their narcotic prescription and ask for a refill. In a few cases a muscle relaxant can help especially at night when one try to sleep. I see no reason to allow patients to suffer. Hope you feel better soon. Best wishes.

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More usually needed

More analgesic than you received is generally needed. Post-operative pain in real pain and should be treated as such. Some doctors get too caught up in minimizing their narcotic prescription instead of treating pain appropriately. There is no evidence that prescribing adequate analgesia leads to addiction.

Robert S. Backstein, MD
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