Should I go for refinements? (photos)

I am on my 28th tray of 29th in total. I am not sure if i should go for refinement trays and is this the best my teeth can get? I am ok with these results if i have to go for another year of refinements as a lot of people have mentioned. My treatment was not for cosmetic purposes anyways, it was to get rid of the crowding so my teeth can be cleaned properly and i have less cavities. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

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Should I go for refinements ?

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 You have come along way but I would go for the refinements and get the job completed.  Your teeth will be more stable and less apt to relapse once they are aligned properly.   Your teeth should be much easier to clean and your gums much healthier .   Make sure you have retainers made when you're finished with treatment and use them!

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