My Eyes Are My Best Feature - How Can They Be Improved? (photo)

For years, I have been told that I look tired all the time, have raccoon eyes, etc., etc. I have hereditary dark circles above and below my eyes and puffiness and sagging under my eyes. I'm 43 and of course, over the years, this has gotten worse. What treatment or procedure could be done to change this that has lasting results, but still look natural?

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My tired looking eyes

Your eyes and cheeks would look more youthful and less tired with facial fillers to address the lack of volume.  Fillers are a straight forward office treatment that can be done using blunt cannulas that will eliminate or significantly reduce bruising.  A surgical option for the lower eyelids might be beneficial too but an in person examination would be necessary.

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You Have Many Options to Improve Your Eyes

In reviewing your pictures, you have poor support and volume loss in the cheek area.  Loss in the cheek area will make the lower eyelid area appear more puffy and make the dark circle worse.  You have both surgical and non-surgical options.

Non-Surgical options

Filler in the cheek and lower lid area can improve the area by creating a full cheek.  It can have a great result without surgery, but the results are temporary.


Surgical options

You may be a candidate for a lower lid lift or blepharoplasty.  Druing the lift, I would still recommend adding volume to the cheek area either with fat grafting to the area or by doing a fat reposition of the lower eye fat pads.  


I hope this helps.  

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