Cartilage in Nostril. What Happened? Why is my Tip So Big and Droops? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty many years ago and I'm not happy with the results. I have a piece of cartilage in my nostril that is visible if I bend it back, I can feel it poke in my tip. The side views aren't that bad but my nose is longer than it was. And the bones are too wide. I absolutely hate the front view. I went to a specialist, and this is what I got. It is an improvement but it's like the same nose with different defects. My old nose was not wide like this.

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Revision Surgery



We perform many revision rhinoplasty surgeries here at the UW. In revision surgery our goals are to correct as much as possible the issues from the primary surgery. Many times the issues are from either over operating or under operating. In cases of under operating we can "Finish" the procedure to achieve results. In cases of over-operation we need to rebuild the structure with your own cartilage from the septum, the ear or the Rib in more severe cases. 


An in person evaluation is of course essential...but I can see that your septum is still very deviated.



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Cartilage in Nostril. What Happened? Why is my Tip So Big and Droops?

Years ago? Why the wait? You need revision/reconstructive rhinoplasty. Seek many in person opinions from expert rhinoplasty surgeons//

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Septal Cartilage Issue After Rhinoplasty

What you are seeing in the nostril opening is the front part of the nasal septum that appears to be displaced off to your left side. From the photos provided, I don't think that your nasal bones are necessarily too wide. There are some issues with your nose that might benefit from a revision rhinoplasty procedure, but the decision to pursue revisionary nose surgery should be carefully considered. Sometimes the enemy of good is better. You should consult with a surgeon well-versed in revision cosmetic nose surgery if you decide to go forth.

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Cartilage in Nostril. What Happened?

While there are  few things that could be improved about your nose, your nose overall does not look bad. That "cartilage in the nostril" that you are referring to is a slightly deviated septal cartilage to the left side.  It is not very obvious though if you dont manually displace your tip to the opposite side; this part of the septum is usually one of the most difficult parts to correct.  I am sorry that the surgical outcome was not quite what you had expected.  I would suggest you voice your concerns with your doctor and mutually decide what, if anything, should and can be corrected.

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Septal deviation after rhinoplasty

Your photo shows deviation of the septum which sticks into the nostril which was not corrected by your first procedure. This and other issues you have can be addressed with a secondary rhinoplasty. Careful computer simulation can help show what is off balance giving your nose the longer look. Take care with consultations so you understand just what the goals are to be.

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Rhinoplasty purpose

Rhinoplasty is the most difficult cosmetic procedure there is to master. As such, unexpected results do happen, and revision rhinoplasties are, unfortunately, not uncommon. A nose is the most prominent feature of the face, and yet aesthetically, we are supposed to ignore it. It should have nothing that draws the eye to it.
Regarding your concerns, there are areas that could be improved, but as you have said, it has had an improvement, which is good. In my opinion, if a cartilage bump is not visible from the outside, I don't get too concerned. With that said, if you do undergo a revision surgery, that problem is relatively easy to correct.
If you do decide that a revision is something you would like, I'd recommend you see someone that can perform computer generated imaging to make sure your expectations can be achieved. That way, each area that bothers you can be discussed, changed on the computer, and ultimately, you would be able to see your expected nose. It not only allows you to see the expected end result, and make sure that it is the nose you desire, but it also allows to surgeon to create a customized treatment plan that will accomplish that goal.
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