Does Cartilage Damage Require Full Surgery, Or Are There Non Surgical Options? (photo)

I had acute rhinitis most of my life until I had surgery to remove baby teeth that never dropped and were impacted in my sinus cavity. As a result, I have woken up most mornings of my life unable to breath with vigorous rubbing and sniffling of my nose. This has caused obvious damage to the tip. One side is visibly concave, the other side, convex. Is there a non-sugical approach, or a less invasive procedure, since there is no hump or bone removal involved?

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Rhinoplasty vs. Tiplasty

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Hi Kimmy,

You may just need a tip-plasty. This would involve reconstruction of the lower lateral cartilages. Sometimes using a septal cartilage graft is adequate, however you may also need an auricular cartilage graft. It will depend on what is going on with the lower lateral cartilages. See link below for examples.




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