How Does Cartilage Get Adjusted During an Asian Rhinoplasty?

How do western style noses differ for Asian patients? Are there limitations to what can be realistically be done?

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ASian vs Western Rhinoplasty

I think that every individual has a different nose and while there are similar "themes" in different ethnicities to be addressed, each person gets a different procedure based upon their inidividual anatomy.

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Asian vs Western Rhinoplasty

Asian noses are frequently wider and less projected. Augmentation to increase the height of the bridge and tip definition are necessary. Although synthetic implants like silicone are frequently used I prefer to use the patient's own cartilage. The wide base of the nose may be reduced. I'm generalizing, but these are the typical inherited characteristics of the Asian nose.

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Asian rhinoplasty different form Western rhinoplasty

The cartilage, especially at the tip, is soft in Asians, giving a rounder appearance and widening when smiling. The tip cartilage generally need stiffening with reinforcing cartilage from the septum and ear cartilages. Occasionally the nostrils need narrowing. Depending on the origin, some Asian noses require only a small amount of bridge augmentation or it may require a lot. Although rib grafts are sometimes needed, there is usually enough cartilage in previously unoperated on patients to accomplish this without resorting to rib.

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How Does Cartilage Get Adjusted During an Asian Rhinoplasty?

 I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and have written articles on non-caucasian (includes Asian) Rhinoplasty.  Non-cacasian noses are characterised by low dorsum (bridge),  wide tips of weak cartilages covered by thick skin.  Rhinoplasty always has limitations and the goal should always be, IMHO, natural and aesthetic refinement.  The bridge is best built up using a straight, silastic dorsal implant.  The nasal tip can be shaped and reinforced using a conchal cartilage ear graft.

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