Do I have enough fat for a BBL or is my only option an implant? Stats: Height 1.53m Weight 115 lbs Body fat 21%

I workout doing crossfit 3xweek, pilates 2×wk, swimming 2xweek and tennis 1xwk. Do I need to stop this activity to have enough fat?

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Brazilian Butt Lift revision/ Fat grafting/Liposuction/ High Definition Procedures/Butt Implants

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I appreciate your question.

I specialize in Brazilian Butt lifts and body contouring procedures.  The amount of enhancement possible depends on how much fat can be harvested from your body.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



Do I have enough fat for a BBL or is my only option an implant? Stats: Age 21 Height 1.53m Weight 115 lbs Body fat 21% (Photo)

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I have found thinner patients to get some of the best results.  I think that the key is to harvest as much fat as possible while leaving smooth contours.

Do I have enough fat for a BBL or is my only option an implant? Stats: Age 21 Height 1.53m Weight 115 lbs Body fat 21% (Photo)

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Thank you for your question. I would recommend an in person consultation to evaluate how much fat is available for the fat transfer procedure.  Based on your photos, you can benefit from some body contouring and modest fat transfer.  

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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Do I have enough fat for a BBL?

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Excellent Question. You are in very good shape and already have a very nice figure. Liposuction will help enhance your shape and make your waist a little smaller for example. The amount of fat harvested will be enough for some enhancement as far as shape is concerned, but as far as size, it will not provide a significant enhancement. 

Your workout routine is part of your way of life so I do not suggest you give that up. If you do gain weight prior to surgery and then return to your daily workout routine, you will probably loose the weight and loose your results. This is why I feel that your best option would probably be the Butt Implants. Make sure to contact a PS that is experienced in both procedures so that he or she can evaluate both possibilities.

Bets of luck on your decision,

Dr. Miguel Mota

Miguel Mota, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for your question and photographs.

You could achieve a more contoured waist and a modest fat transfer to the buttocks with a BBL but with little fat on your body, you cannot expect to have a significant enhancement in the buttocks area. I would recommend that you schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon so they can perform a physical examination of your body and see if you are a good candidate for BBL and if your cosmetic goals are achievable. If you cannot achieve your cosmetic goals with a BBL due to having little body fat, you may be a better candidate for buttock implants. I do not recommend patients gaining weight prior to surgery because weight fluctuations before or after the procedure can affect your results. For patients who have little body fat I recommend using buttock implants using the XYZ technique which is intramuscular. This would be the best option for you if you do not have enough body fat to harvest for a Brazilian butt lift and will help you achieve a curvier look. Best of luck in your endeavors!

James Fernau, MD, FACS
Board Certified ENT
Board Certified Plastic Surgery
Member of ASPS, ASAPS, ISAPS, The Rhinoplasty Society, AAFPRS, OTO/HNS, ASLMS, International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics & Science

James Fernau, MD, FACS
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon
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