Dry flaky skin post revision BA 2 years ago.

Dry flaky skin post revision BA 2 years ago Both healed nicely post revision surgery however the nipples are very sensitive especially the left & it's the left breast that's always flaky. Each tone I remove my bra I have dandruff/flaky skin remains. Sometimes you can even pull off the little flakes of skin. Ive been using vitamin e cream but if I forget to apply it comes back straight away! Plus the left nipple is extremely sensitive. Please help.

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Hard to say without seeing

You ought to set up some time to either see your plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Dry flaky skin on the nipple and areola can rarely be Paget's disease which is a potential precursor to breast cancer. I certainly don't want you to be alarmed but, at the same time, its not something I would completely blow off. Good luck.

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