Should I Carry on with Uneven Cast Overnight?

I had the cast taken off 7 days after rhinoplasty. I noticed that the cast was not even INSIDE (or out, but I ignored that assuming its perfect inside) and most importantly I can tell where the uneven bits pressed on my nose as it looks crooked in the middle part. My doctor advised me to carry on wearing the cast overnight but I don't wan't this obvious dent in my nose! is it just a dent in the swelling or is there a chance it will affect the final shape of my nose? I would much rather wear a tape

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Uneven Cast

Follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions for your best result.  Noses can stay swollen for a while after surgery.  Your surgeon will be able to explain that to your at one of your post op visits.

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Uneven cast

It is unlikely that a cast will have a negative impact on the result. Possible but unlikely. I would wait it out, as it is very early and what you are seeing is probably swelling. Always follow your surgeons recommendations.

Andres Bustillo, MD, FACS
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Uneven cast

The  uneven appearance may be swelling, or may reflect underlying asymmetry. Impossible to tell  without seeing you. You should follow the instruction of you surgeon intrinsically. Only time will what the cause is. Goof luck.

Darrell Perkins, MBBS, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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