Very concerned about breast reduction scarring.

I'm an African American woman with brown skin and I scar easily and dark and scar don't seem to ever fade. Currently DDD and wanting to be a small C/large B. Is there anything I can do Postop to my scars to help promote fading? Is there anything my surgeon can do to limit scarring?

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Embrace Active Scar Defense

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Two important factors affecting scar formation is our own DNA and tension. Although we can’t control our DNA, we can control tension. Using a product that relieves tension is the best way to minimize scar formation before it starts. A great scar treatment that does relieve tension is Embrace Active Scar Defense. This scar treatment is started once an incision is closed, which is typically 1-2 weeks after surgery, and applied every 10 days for 8-10 weeks. Patients who tend to scar easily may be benefit to use Embrace for longer (12+ weeks). Once treatment with Embrace is complete, it is still important to use a scar treatment for 6-12 months after surgery. Transitioning to a silicone scar gel after using Embrace is a great way to further minimize your scars. One great product recommended by plastic surgeons is bioCorneum. It is important to ensure you see a board-certified plastic surgeon and go over all your concerns before having your surgery. I wish you luck in your research and upcoming procedure!

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Very concerned about breast reduction scarring.

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Congratulations on deciding to have the breast reduction procedure; it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.
Time tends to improve the appearance of scars. You will find that the scars will improve in appearance even after a year has gone by.

Sometimes the use of silicone-based products. In the event of unfavorable scarring steroid injection may be helpful.  Sometimes scar revision surgery and careful scar management afterwards may be helpful.  
Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.
Best wishes.

Breast reduction scarring

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Have you looked into the option of getting a scarless breast reduction - liposuction breast reduction ? there is almost no scarring with this procedure, minimal pain and quick recovery. See a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure to evaluate if you're a candidate for it.

Breast reduction and scarring

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Thank you for your question.  Many African - American women scar poorly.  It is an inherited trait.  I would recommend you be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon who can look at your old scars and show you some before and after pictures so you can get a more realistic idea about what your scars will look like.  

Measures to Control Scarring

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You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Your ethnicity, skin pigmentation and history of scar all indicate that you are correct to have some concerns.  Your surgeon may suggest use of a topical scar remedy such as a silicone gel product to go over the scar as it heals.  Pressure and frequent scar massage also help to minimize scar.  Certainly avoid sunlight or tanning on the healing scars.  

If in spite of the above measures you develop a scar problem, injections of steroids into the scar can allow them to settle down.  

Your plastic surgeon will have experience in dealing with scar problems, so he/she will be a good source of information in your particular instance.

Michael D. DePriest, MD, FACS
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