My breasts are lop-sided. Will my implant drop soon?

I had 300 cc 'gummy bear' silicone implants inserted four weeks ago. Two days after my initial surgery, I had to have my left implant removed and put back in due to a hematoma. Now four weeks later, my right breast is perfect, but my left breast has not dropped (the one that had to be re-done) and is higher than my right breast. Is this normal? Will it drop soon? How long should it take? Thank you in advance.

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My breasts are lop-sided. Will my implant drop soon?

At this point you are early in the healing process. Your implants will continue to settle and soften with time. Follow up with your surgeon if you have concerns.


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My breasts are lop-sided. Will my implant drop soon?

Hematoma does increase the risk of capsular contracture. However in my experience, if a drain is used after removal of hematoma that side is usually softer and does well.
If that breast feels hard and tight you may be forming a capsular contracture.

See your plastic surgeon for an exam. If you are forming a capsule ask your surgeon for a prescription for Singulair which may help prevent the capsule from tightening. Also ask about breast implant displacement exercises and a Bando.

Hematomas and Contracture

If you had a hematoma on the left side, that could have stimulated scar tissue ( capsular contracture) to build up already and is not allowing the implant to settle.  Blood/ trauma in the pocket is one of the known causes of contracture.  I would check with your surgeon, but I would have you massaging the breast a few times a day to make sure it was relaxing in its own if possible.

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Complications like a hematoma can affect the normal recovery period. maintaining close follow up is critical with your board certified plastic surgeon. Best, MMT

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