How soon is too soon for corticosteroid injections for the tip in a revision rhinoplasty? Any studies I can read?

I just had a revision rhinoplasty to address scar tissue in the tip and to narrow the tip and make it more angular as opposed to bulbous. I used my prior surgeon with whom I have a good repoire, but I think the surgery would not have been necessary had he been more aggressive with the corticosteroid injections after my first surgery. The top 2/3 of the nose narrowed nicely, but left larger tip. We started injections at 7 months. I think he waited too long and scar tissue formed.

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Steroid Injections

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Listen to your surgeon regarding steroid injections. Being conservative with steroids injected into the nose is proper because of side effects that are irreversible. Look up the side effects from steroid injections concerning the thinning of the tissues.

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