Have had mild dry eyes for years & 20 years ago I had a cerebral hemorrhage, and 12 years ago had another bleed; brow lift?

At the time of the first incident the left side of my face was drooping severely and after the surgery it corrected...My left eye is now drooping and it is suggested that I have a brow lift...Does this conflict with the dry eye problem....???????

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Eye drooping

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it must be your eyebrow that is drooping ( if the surgeon reccommended a browlift ) which can allow the upper eyelid skin to gather between the eyebrow and the upper eyelid margin. I have done one-sided browlift once and it worked well.  Or it could be both sides. If the primary problem is low brow position then a browlift may be the best choice.  If the primary issue is excess upper eyelid skin and/or fat then blepharoplasty may be the best choice. sometimes both are needed for optimal correction. caution as upper blepharoplasty with low  brow position can pull the brow lower and still allow excess skin to remain between the brow and eyelid margin.

Brow lift and dry eye

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dry eye can be due to many different causes involving tear production and /or exposure issues.  It can be a part of an autoimmune complex as well.  Mechanically lifting the brow will have less effect on dryness than either lower or upper eyelid surgery which can result in incomplete closure. You intimate that you have asymmetry due to neurologic issues.  Asymmetry is often difficult to correct with brow lift open or endoscopic

Have had mild dry eyes for years & 20 years ago I had a cerebral hemorrhage, and 12 years ago had another bleed; brow lift?

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Many patients suffer from "mild" dry eyes and are felt to be good candidates nonetheless for a browlift procedure.  A thorough exam by your ophthalmologist will help to confirm that you are at low risk before proceeding.  Browlifts can be very effective and dramatic and compared to blepharoplasty where skin is removed have a lower risk of causing symptomatic dry eye complaints.  Best wishes,

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Brow lift

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Thank you for the question and sorry for the problems you have had.  That said after clearance by your internist and ophthalmologist I think one could go forward with surgery safely if that would help you..

Dr. Corbin

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