When it comes to eyelids/brow lift, what ALL can be done with injections alone? (photos)

I have hooded eyes. My right eye is more hooded than my left, and it hasn't been something that even started becoming a problem until I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. All the treatments , medication side effects, and just the disease itself have somewhat changed the structure of my face. If I could avoid surgery that would be (of course) ideal! During my research i've seen people achieving good results with Botox

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Eye hooding

Neuromodulators can help to elevate the brow. However with significant hooding, surgery is usually indicated. I would recommend getting an evaluation with an Oculo Facial Plastic Surgeon.

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Hi neollelove_,

Great question.  The position of your brows/lids is the result of a complex interplay between the muscles that elevate and the muscles that depress in that region.  By slightly weakening the muscles in your glabella area in addition to the orbicularis muscle just under your lateral brow with botox, you can provide the brow elevators a competitive advantage (as they are now less opposed by the depressors), thereby providing a slight amount of "lift" and improving some mild hooding.  That being said, the lift is minor, and if you have a significant amount of hooding then surgery may be your best option.  I would recommend seeing an experienced facial plastic surgeon who could examine your situation and provide the best treatment plan.

Best, Dr. Paquet.

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Hi. Without photos and a full assessment it is very difficult to establish what would work best for you. Your past medical history will be taken into consideration too

Firas Al-Niaimi, MSc
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