Swollen/bruised labia 2.5 months after mini tummy and lipo. Seroma/Hematoma?

I had a mini tummy tuck 2.5 months ago with lipo. Developed hematoma and seroma, had multiple drains put in and went to surgeon at least once a week for draining. Two weeks ago, I finally thought I was getting better after 2 months and all drains out and my tummy wasn't as as swollen. On 4th of July weekend, 5 days ago I woke up in the morning and my labia on 1 side was black/blue, swollen and has large knot inside. ER doc thinks may er drainage from abdominal Is this normal 2. 5 post op?

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Swollen Labia 2.5 months later

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This sounds like a second hematoma so I would definitely revisit this with your surgeon. I would also see your family doctor and get blood work done to make sure you don't have any bleeding disorder that isn't diagnosed. Lastly, make sure you aren't doing overdoing your activity level. Hope that helps. 

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