Will my new permanent dental crown need to replaced? Pain.

I just had 2 crowns placed. One of the crowns is on a prior root canal and the new crown feels fine. But the tooth beside it, which needed a crown only, is causing me pain. Feels like there's a minor ridge or gap on the inside. If I take a breath, yawn, or drink water, it hurts and I never had this issue before. Will my dentist need to replace this crown, or is there someway to alleviate the pain without having to replace this new crown. My dentist already put fluoride on it but this didn't help.

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Pain with permanent crown #DrSoftTouch

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Minor sensitivity and discomfort is not uncommon after a crown is placed. Typically, this subsides within a few weeks, but in some cases it does not. If the pain you are experiencing does not subside with time, root canal therapy may be necessary. However, even if a root canal is recommended, a new crown would not be necessary. The best thing to do would be to follow up with your dentist regarding this issue. Good luck and I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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After reading your case I would say visit your dentist for diagnosis because he or she will be the better person. Without seeing the condition of your dental crown it is not possible to give any advice. So consult with your dentist and ask for the permanent treatment.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

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Sometimes when a new crown is cemented, the nerve can get irritated and cause this type of pain your describing. The pain typically goes away over time but on occasion it doesn't. Remaking the crown may not be the answer unless there is indeed an opening on the inside in which case it should be remade. If the pain doesn't go away and certainly if it intensifies, the worst case scenario is that it could need a root canal. Chances are, the pain will subside over time. One other thing, I would have you go back to see your dentist and have him/her check your bite to make sure it's ok. That could also lead to continued sensitivity. I hope this helps!

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