After Breast Augmentation: How soon is too soon to be caring for a 7 Month old?

I am going to my first consultation for Breast Augmentation today. I have done lots of research and my main concern is how soon I can go back to work. I am a nanny for a 7 month old. I pick her up constantly. I am worried about complications if I go back to work too soon. If I have a full 7-10 days of recovery, will I be ok to be picking up the baby all the time? How soon is too soon? I've read post-op instructions that say no heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks but I can't take off that much time off work.

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Be careful...

While I think its fine to pick up and put down a small child, you need to protect yourself from getting kicked in the breast. Sit with the child on the floor or couch with them facing away from you. If you need to lift them to a high chair or car seat, lift them then put them down. Most moms and caregivers for small children do fine as long as they don't try to carry the child around as they might normally do. Good luck

Munster Plastic Surgeon
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6 weeks before lifting

To avoid complications, you should not lift anything until about 6 weeks after your surgery. However, please ask your surgeon as they may have different advice.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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How soon to lift children after breast augmentation?

Lifting significant weight after breast augmentation surgery can affect your healing as well as be uncomfortable early on.  This can also be affected by wether implants are placed over or beneath the pectoralis muscle.  It is best to discuss this with your surgeon during a consultation, but a good general rule is to listen to your body and plan on taking care of yourself for at least a week after surgery.  Then you will be better able to take care of those you are responsible for.  Good luck.

Michael Marion, MD
Sandy Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation

I would suggest you take some time off before going back to work.  Gentle lifting of a small baby would probably be ok within 2 weeks. But real exertion like wight lifting push-ups etc.. should wait 6 wks.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Lifting after breast augmentation

Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon at the consultation. If the implants are put on top of the muscle you can lift heavier weight more quickly but there are significant benefits to going beneath the muscle. I tell my patients that within 7 to 10 days they should be able to adequately take care of a seven month baby. 

Terrence Murphy, MD
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Sounds like you'll have your answer soon enough.

If you're heading in for your consultation today, I'd just ask the surgeon that you're meeting with.  He or she should be able to give you an easy answer to your question.

We're all a little different, so you should base your behavior postop on the instructions you are given by your surgeon.

Brian K. Brzowski, MD, FACS
Ogden Plastic Surgeon
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