Do you know of any products I can use to remove dark areas on upper lip and to heal the burned wrinkled patch? (Photo)

Bleached upper lip section with Septol lightening Cream, over a few weeks started getting darker and looked burned and wrinkled.. I've used shea butter and cocoa fat but I've recently started using petroleum jelly. should I continue with these products until I see results?

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Darkened Skin From Bleaching Cream

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Many OTC product's claiming to bleach the skin are potential allergens, irritants and just a waste of time and money.  STOP the bleach, use some OTC Hydrocortisone Cream 1% to

reduce any wrinkling, scaling, redness or irritation.  Be sure to protect the skin from the sun, especially when its inflamed.  Use a high SPF sunscreen and a gentle cleanser.  If after a month or so, the dark skin is still noticeably darker than when you started using the cream, you will probably need prescription medications as well as some medical office treatments to reduce the color. Without seeing the result at that time it is difficult to offer much more advice.  Seek out a well qualified cosmetic Dermatologist to help you.  Good luck with you skin.

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