Three pictures showing my progress for excision and areola reduction done in stages. What is your opinion? (photo)

I have had two operations over a period of approx. 1.5 years. Firstly lipo and excision, followed by a aerola reduction. The areola is approx 5cm presently which is understandable from the size it initially was. My doctor says if I want to go down, I need to do it in stages do reduce the pleating and unsightly scars. How is my progress so far? I am about 6 months out from the reduction so I am prepped for my next areola reduction. How do these scars look? I found that my healing was great thus far.

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I think you look quite good and the result is very nice.   You may eventually want even smaller nipples and that can be done at a later stage.   My Best,   Dr Commons

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Areola Reduction in Stages

Hello, and thank you for your question. I would definitely say it looks as though you are healing quite nicely and there is no real scar tissue visible in your picture. It appears that you would be able to follow along with your surgeon's schedule for the stages of surgery and everything should turn out nice.

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Areolar Reduction

Hi Davj101,
Thanks for the post and photos. I think your incisions are healing very well and the contours of the chest are very good. Whether you wish to have another reduction is a subjective decision more based on your aesthetic goals than anything else. Good luck with any further surgeries in the future.


Dr. Dadvand

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