Care for Nose After Silver Nitrate Was Applied?

how do i care for my nose after i have had silver nitrate applied? i have bloody noses on a daily basis and i had the ENT apply silver nitrate to cauterize what he felt was the source. he did not give me any after care instructions. what are after care instructions for a silver nitrate cauterization procedure?

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Care Silver Nitrate For a Nosebleed-Keep it Moist

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Nose bleeds are commonly secondary to dryness in the nose.  Placement of silver nitrate is a good treatment for nose bleeds.  After the placement of silver nitrate, I tell my patients to: 

1)  Saline nasal sprays 4 times a day.  2 sprays in each nostril.  Can be purchased from drugstore (Ocean spray is a common one)

2)  Afrin nasal spray 3 times a day for 3 days. 1 spray in each nostril.  Should be done with caution in patients with heart conditions.

3)  Place a humidifer in the room at night while you sleep

4)  Place a small amount of KY jelly in the nostril at bedtime


The silver nitrate will go away on its own. 

For the future, the best way to prevent nose bleeds is keep the nose moist. 

I hope this helps!

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