Can I apply for Care credit early?

If I am planning on having surgery in May or June. is it possible to apply now to make sure I can get the credit card? I would like to know ahead of time if I will be accepted or declined so I know where I stand financially. I don't want to put a down payment for a surgery if I may be declined by care credit and lose the money for my down payment. If I'm accepted will it be okay to have the card handy and not use it until my surgery or can that affect the status of my card?

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Care Credit

Learn more by visiting, or asking us for details. Ready to apply? Apply online for your CareCredit card today. You can apply online.

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Care Credit?

Hello Roxy2121, yes you can apply for Care Credit early to see if you qualify and if so how much. Each office chooses which plans they participate with such as 6 months no interest or 36 months fixed interest. You can go online to apply or call them. You wouldn't actually have any payments until the office runs your card. It is fine to have the card early as it is a revolving line of credit. Many of our patients use this for treatments such as Botox or fillers after they have paid it down from their surgery.  Best of luck to you in your journey!

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