Does Care Credit Cover the Hospital Expenses when Having Plastic Surgery?

also i am 5'5" 120 lbs & i had saline implants put in 1994 360cc....which these are small i finally can get them redone & was thinking no smaller than 500cc ,silicon instead of saline, i am orginally a 34b very small...with 360cc brought me to looking more towards DD or larger..i wanted to know if 500cc would even get me there???

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Care Credit -covers what? How many cc to DD?

Care credit-- most such agencies will give you an allowable loan amount, and that amount will be distributed to surgeon, facility, anesthesia. But check with them.


Breast aug--You went up one cup size with 360 cc implants. It is quite unlikely that you will go up two cup sizes with an additional 140 cc. 


Your best option is to see a plastic surgeon in consultation and review the possibilities. There are no fixed definitions of cup sizes. A rough guideline is 200-250 cc to a cup size. 


Thanks for the question at best wishes.

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Care Credit and Cosmetic Surgery

As far as I understand Care Credit can be used to cover the costs of cosmetic surgery.  It is a loan that you are taking to cover all of the costs.  

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