What if Care Credit Doesn't Approve Me then What?

I'm on 20 years old and I'm not happy with my breast I've been looking around for the right dr that makes me feel good but not only that I'm worrying about payments I applied for care credit but what if they don't approve me what then?

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Financing Breast Augmentation

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CareCredit is only one financing company. We work with 4 external financing companies so we can help match the patient's needs with the right company. Proceed carefully with centers that offer internal financing.

Getting Approved For Care Credit And Other Financing

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As a San Antonio plastic surgeon, I see a lot of young women who haven't necessarily established themselves financially. While the process of getting financing can seem overwhelming and it is frustrating to be denied, there are options you can take a look at when you are.

One thing to consider is looking at your local bank. If you have a history with them, they're more apt to make a loan. We find that local credit unions tend to have less rigid loan practices, and sometimes just opening an account with them can get you a loan. You might also consider asking a parent, friend or other relative to be a co-signer on your loan. Sometimes having a person who already has established credit co-sign your loan will enable a denial from Care Credit to turn into acceptance. Just make sure you can fulfill the obligation so you don't put your co-signer on the hook.

The patient coordinator or surgery coordinator at your surgeon's office should know what options work best in your area. Credit has become a bit more difficult and can vary in different parts of the country depending on how well it is handling the current economy. Your coordinator should be able to help offer alternatives and give you help where needed.

Breast Augmentation and Care Credit

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    Care credit is but one of many financing options, so you may be able to get approval from one of the other companies for your breast augmentation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Financing surgery. Care Credit and other options.

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Care Credit is a popular financing option.  It is found in many plastic surgeon offices.  There are other outfits our there.  Your plastic surgeon may or may not participate in these.  There are also financing options like personal loans, and even low interest credit cards.  Speak with the office manager at your board certified plastic surgeon's office.  They should be able to guide you through the process...


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Many patients choose to finance their cosmetic surgery. Care Credit is probably the best known, but not the only, company. Other options are to use a home equity loan. If you don't have a home perhaps you can use a relative's or close friend's ability to take out a home equity loan. Finally many credit cards will give you 3-6 months interest free. You can often use these and then transfer the remaining balance to another card at the end of that time. But be careful because the interest rate on these cards is very high. Also check out your local credit unions, possibly through your workplace.

Care credit

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Care credit is not the only financing company. Look for other ones.


Good luck

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