Soreness under breast 2 years later, feels like a pulled muscle?

My left breast has always felt tight around the scar when I stretch and seems to pull as if it's been stitched too close to my ribs. But now it gets very sore when I exercise especially when pulling downwards on that side. It even seems to pull and tighten when I tense with my arms by my side and also when I cough! After 2 years I'm not sure if any massaging will have any effect? Why is this happening now? Is there anything I can do? Or could it possibly be nothing connected to my BA surgery?

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Soreness under breast 2 years later, feels like a pulled muscle?

Thank you for sharing your question.  Unfortunately without an in-person examination or full series of photographs it is difficult to offer a diagnosis or treatment.  This may be musculoskeletal in origin - say a pulled muscle - but may also herald an implant related issue like capsular contracture. See your surgeon, they can best help you.

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Ask your surgeon

You should make an appointment with your plastic surgeon to check up on your progress and see if you have healed the way you should have.

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