I have PIP implants and having them removed this Friday, is it important to remove the capsule with implant?

i have been diagnosed with two autoimmune disease last year and my specialist advised me that my implants maybe contributing to my illness. Also my right breast is much softer and flatter in appearance than the left i have recently noticed this change. could this be the implant has ruptured? My PIP implants are 11years old. i have some pain in my breasts but nothing too painful to stop me from doing things. Thank you in advance.

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Explantation of PIP silicone implants, capsulectomy?

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A change in the feeling of an implant does raise the suspicion of possible rupture and should be investigated or at least explored.  Removal of the capsule in its entirety would be my goal unless it is extremely thin and would cause more damage than be of help.  There is little to suggest that your autoimmune disease is caused by or related to your implants even if they are ruptured but I am sure it would ease your mind to have as much of the implant and capsule removed as possible.  Good luck and I do hope that this helps your symptoms.  Regards,

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Implant removal and capsulectomy

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Although you have unfortunately been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, there is nothing in the literature which has definitively linked silicone gel implants to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  However, because of manufacturing issues with PIP implants from France, it is recommended that they be removed.  It is possible that one of your implants has ruptured, and removal of the implants will provide you with a definitive answer.  I personally like to remove all of the capsule at the time of surgery as the breast will be softer without the capsules, and it ensures that there will be no residual implant material left in the body.  In some cases, not all of the capsule can be removed, but this is something that would be determined by your surgeon at the time of surgery.  Good luck and best wishes.

I have PIP implants and having them removed this Friday, is it important to remove the capsule with implant?

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If silicone gel implants are ruptured, it is usually better to remove the capsule if possible. The only way to know if they are ruptured is to remove them. 

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PIP implant removal

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I would recommend yes to remove the capsule and the implants. I hope you get improvement in your symptoms.

Rick Rosen, MD
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