I'm 38 and have been receding for years, I'm really considering hair transplants? (Photos)

I'm looking for not necessarily a lower hair line but definitely a thicker and fuller front? Could someone advise on either strip or FUE etc and also number of hairs required??

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A hair transplant may be a great option for you.

A hair transplant may be a great option for you. It seems as though you have extensive hair loss in the front and a strip may be a good option to get the most donor hair. FUE hair restoration may also be appropriate if you would like to keep your hair short on the sides. The number of grafts you need and whether you are a good candidate for surgery can be determined by seeing a physician for a consultation.


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You should make an appointment with a doctor for an examination to see if you would be a good candidate.

You should make an appointment with a doctor for an examination to see if you would be a good candidate.  If you have the right expectations and understanding you may be a candidate.  

FUE is just a harvesting method. It requires shaving the back of your head for surgery.  It has no significant impact on the final results.  Many people choose the FUE so that they can cut their hair very short without having to worry about the donor scar.  FUE leave "dot" scars versus a "line" scar.

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Excellent candidate

Based on your photos you appear to be an excellent candidate for hair restoration.  I prefer the Open Donor technique using FUT (Follicular unit transplants).  This utilizes a donor strip.  We also offer the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique which does not require a strip graft.  At the time of consultation we can review with you the advantages of each technique.

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a good and thorough consultation with a hair restoration surgeon can address all of the above! You do appear to be a good candidate from the photos, and a consultation can review your options, both surgically and non surgically, as well as review your expectations. 

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38 year-old considering hair transplant

Hi, Jamie--

You are a home run pitch waiting to be hit. Seriously, your situation is an extremely favorable one and you can reasonably expect to have a very nice result from a hair transplant in the range of 1000-1400 grafts (follicular units). That said, you should be aware that some patients require two or more procedures to obtain the thickness ("density") they desire. With regard to the FUE vs. strip question, you need to remember that a good surgeon and his/her team can achieve excellent results with either method, and a part-time, inexperienced surgeon and team will likely achieve poor results with either method. Full disclosure: I am a 3-time strip patient myself. I had little or no pain following my procedures, which left me with no visible shaved area immediatley after surgery, a single linear scar which has never been an issue (and is barely detectable even when combing through my hair), no thinning of my donor area, and an excellent result. And my personal experience has been that of the vast majority of my own strip patients. However......if I were considering a hair transplant now for the first time and wore my hair so short that I couldn't conceal a linear scar, or if my scalp were so tight that the yield from a strip would not be sufficient to do the job, I would unquestionably opt for FUE. (See link below for more of my thoughts on the FUE vs strip debate.)

Thanks for your question--I hope this was helpful.

Dr. Ballon

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Norwood III considering Hair Transplant?


It does look like you are a good candidate for hair restoration. How many grafts would you need, that depends on several things. What is the size of your head, the larger the head the bigger the canvas to cover. It does sound like you have realistic and not overly aggressive expectations. I would like to further evaluate your desire for density. I will include a link to a videos below. Of course, you need a close up examination to rule out any scalp condition that would compromise the success of your hair transplant!


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Go for it!

You look like a great candidate for grafting and seem to have a realistic goal. Also, consider medical therapy with finesteride to slow the process.  As for technique, I think FUE is much better than a strip procedure because of the avoidance of the scar -- you never know how you may want to wear your hair in the future so why not avoid a scar if you can? It may seem like FUT moves more grafts, but the amount of HAIR that is transplanted is about the same.  You may need 1500-2000 grafts to cover the hairline, fill in the temples and thicken the midscalp.  ARTAS Robotic FUE has a lot of advantages over manual techniques because it insures that the donor area is not over harvested (looking moth-eaten) and it can be used to make the sites for the hair in the front, thereby protecting your existing hairs.  

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38 wsith frontal balding

You are the type of patient that is a good candidate for a hair transplant.You have a Class 3A pattern of balding. See photos below

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Receding hairline

Hi and thanks for your question. Based on your photos you do appear to be an excellent candidate for hair restoration. If your donor area is adequate then you could consider either a strip procedure or FUE like Neograft. Most of my patients prefer the Neograft technique as it's less invasive, avoids a linear scar, and is a shorter recovery than the typical strip method. You may need 1500-2000 grafts to correct the hair loss to the frontal region. It appears you night also be thinning in the crown so long term medical therapy will help to stabilize your existing loss. We frequently see patients from across the USA and do virtual consults for out of town patients. Please see our website below for further information. Good luck!

Richard Chaffoo,MD,FACS,FICS

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FUE or FUT procedure

I give patients information and help guide them to the procedure that is best from them : FUE or FUT.  It appears from the photo that you have donor to accomplish your goals.  Its also important to ensure that you stop the progression of on-going hair loss, as well. I am have huge advocate for the FUE procedure.  I do think there is a time and place for the traditional FUT procedure but in your case I'd encourage you to consider FUE. This gives you the flexibility to wear your hair a little shorted without the linear scar. The recover is also very easy.  The reason I encourage young men, yes you are young at 38, to do FUE if their donor/goals are realistic is simply because the closure from FUT, strip, doesn't always heal as anticipated.  Despite the skill of the surgeon some patients simply hear with a thick or wide scar.  A lot patients are more bothered by the scar than they were initially about the hairless.  Also, they are fearful someone may notice or discover they had a procedure.  An FUE procedure removes that variable. 

As far as graft numbers, that can vary from physician to physician.  However, to reinforce the current hairline and add density to mid-scalp I'd recommend 1200-1800 grafts.  The range will allow you some control, regarding your budget, to be as aggressive or conservative as you choose in accomplishing your hair loss goals.  

Gregory Michael Bazell, MD
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