Does Carboxytherapy Improve the Irregularites of Liposuction?

i had lipo 3 months ago my belly looks the same from before lipo now it just looks like flabby skin i feel some sweeling on certain areas i dont feel anything moving i guess thats good. i dont think i look good and am nervous pls help i need some advise!! i heard after 3 months you able to see some results and i havent seen none. Does Carboxytherapy Improve the Irregularites of Liposuction?

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After lipo care

It is too early. I've had patients swell for months. Although I whole-heartedly acknowledge your concerns: I see no problem with your result. The only way to get a good liposuction, is to go to the right surgeon. Board certified plastic surgeons who have performed hundreds if not thousands of abdominal liposuctions are best. There is a steep learning curve involved. Carboxey therapy won't work. Wait a few months; once you feel normal sensation you will no longer be swollen, as long as it's even a bit numb it'll still get better...wait and see. You'll be fine.

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