Can I Get Carboxytherapy and Sclerotherapy at the Same Time?

Carboxytherapy for Fat,Carboxytherapy for Abdominal Stretch Mark and Sclerotherapy Can Make the Same Time or Not

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Its safe to have Sclero- and Carboxytherapy

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Yes, you can have both treatments in one session. Carboxytherapy works for venous and arterial diseases as well, this was the first use 80 years ago. Carboxytherapy will improve dermal and subdermal circulation.

Switzerland Dermatologist

Carboxytherapy and sclerotherapy

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I have heard of carboxytherapy for stretch marks but not for fat. In my opinion, this coud be performed simultaneously with sclerotherapy but I would be concerned about fat and slcero because this would be a double  insult to the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

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